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Uber Air Pty Ltd is the leading aerial imagery and drone solutions provider in the Northern Territory. On our journey, we created our award-winning business to provide a specialised service for the remote regions of Central Australia and the Top End to find innovative solutions for high-value aerial surveys and asset inspections. We utilise cutting edge RPAS (Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems) technology, commonly known as drones, to provide fast, cost-effective solutions. Combined with the latest technology in RTK (real-time kinematics) and PPK (post-processed kinematics), our datasets are following the latest standards in high quality aerial survey and inspections - time and time again, with a unique skill set of understanding remote context with innovative solutions: one dataset - multiple outcomes.

Our multi-rotor and fixed-wing fleet has been tested to withstand the tough Australian conditions to provide a high-quality, fast image processing, accurate and actionable data access. The outcomes provide an indispensable communication tool, ideal for using throughout the planning and approving of new projects, regulatory requirements, monitor development and time series data analysis.

FARO, a global technology company is working together with Uber Air by helping address its local critical business issues with industry leading solutions.

We understand that projects in remote Australia can be difficult - come and see us to find a solution that works for you.

Taking Remote Australia Beyond - with Uber Air.



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One Dataset - Multiple Outcomes



Drone technology has reshaped the geo-spatial information sphere. What used to be a day and sometimes a week's work can now be retrieved within hours or less. And with modern day processing algorithms, Uber Air is able to process additional layers of information from one photogrammetry dataset, such as terrain models, surface or elevation models, classification of areas and objects, point clouds etc. The datasets of high-value areas, such as communities, mine sites, pipelines or government assets, comply with all common GIS software standards. Additionally we are offering our datasets on a cloud-based visualisation platform, with mapping tools and interactive sharing, without the need to install additional software: a valuable asset to have for all project managers, asset managers, infrastructure and town planning, geo-spatial engineers, surveyors, civil engineers and other land-related service providers - fast turn-around, efficient distribution, cost effective.

All our high-end equipment works at survey accuracy through RTK and PPK, with no further need to apply ground control points to ensure accurate, yet smooth, uninterrupted workflow even on a busy day.

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Safe and Fast - Time Series Data




Safety first - the days are counted of expensive assessments of hard-to-reach or even hazardous areas of assets or landscape with the availability of aerial asset inspections by Uber Air. The solution is cost-effective and reduces project timelines significantly: Our equipment provides geo-referenced visualisation to assess your assets condition in 2D high-resolution photographs or accurate 3D models at the convenience of your desktop bundled with an easy-to-use platform: no need to install additional software, all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Also available is thermal inspection with our aerial infra-red camera, opening up a whole new aspect to inspections: from insulation inspection to power line grids, our analysis is fast and effective.

Our aerial inspection equipment fulfils the highest safety standards, with triple redundancy, magnetic interference proof, and certified radio controls - don't go for providers with cheap drone derivatives, use Uber Air for the safest operations on your assets.

 For time-series datasets we use PPK, to obtain the highest possible accuracy time and time again.

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3D and Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality




Our business provides cutting-edge laser and photogrammetry based 3D modelling.

Complex site structures, plant equipment, historic sites or working out the scope of a larger project, 3D visualistion can help get your project off the ground fast and more efficiently. All our datasets are fully compatible for VR for taking measurements or simply to explore your area of interest at the comfort of your desktop.

Combining accurate vertical representations from lasers with aerial overviews, this is what we can provide: Uber Air is your One-Stop-Shop for visualising your project.

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Local Challenges - Local Solutions



Drone technology is here to stay, and Uber Air is right at the fore-front to make sure Remote Australia is not going to miss out on the great opportunities the technology may provide. We are locals and speak fluent Centralian. 

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Our business is involved in a range of current projects to apply the exciting new technology to build capacity within our own rows. We are investing in cutting edge technology to apply the benefits to local challenges, as well as building capacity in Remote Indigenous Communities, exploring opportunities for sustainable job outcomes whilst building strong communities for self-governance through informed digitally savvy citizens.

If you have a project that requires high-value aerial data or you are an organisation that looks in creating meaningful sustainable jobs for the future, come and have chat to us - This is our commitment to Taking Remote Australia Beyond.




Uber Air Pty Ltd is Central Australia’s leading Aerial Photogrammetry Company

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